Getting there…

Two months post-partum and I feel like I’m starting to get into my groove being a mum of three. Everything takes a lot longer than I expect, and I’m usually running even later than usual because I’ve forgotten to pack something, or had to change a poo-splosion, or had to stop and feed (I look forward to the day I get the hang of feeding in the wrap!) but I’m feeling less and less frazzled as the days go on, and thinking more and more that I can do this. It’s just taking a little bit of adjustment.

I think it will be easier still now that school is back on as I have a bit more structure to my days, plus my eldest gets to let off stream with her friends so there is less excess energy to be used fighting with her sister or ploughing into door frames. That said, getting all of us up and dressed, fed and with hair done on time isn’t easy, but they say practice makes perfect. We were only a little while late today and the hair looked fabulous.


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