Learning Crochet

So, despite telling myself repeatedly that I would get good at one hobby before starting the next, I have once again jumped into something new. It’s crochet this time and I am really enjoying it, although it’s taking a bit of getting used to. Above are my first three attempts. The yellow is double knit yarn, my first attempt. It was supposed to be a square swatch. I have no idea what went wrong there. It seems to have rectified itself of the next two attempts though, when things seemed to sort of  ‘click’ and I got the hang of it a bit. The blue is aran/worsted weight yarn and I found that easier to work with than the DK. Now I feel ready to start an actual project, which is going to be a mei tai carrier for my daughter to wear her dolls and teddies in.

In other news, I’ve added tassels to one end of my knitted scarf project and I’m quite happy with them.


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