Crochet Squares

Yesterday my niece taught me how to make squares, and I’m proud to say that I picked it up quite quickly. My first one took several attempts and came out wonky as I mis-counted my stitches.

The ones I did today, I’m really very proud of. They aren’t perfect, but they are squares! I really enjoy making them as they are so quick. I tend to get disheartened when a project takes a long time to finish or requires me to do the same thing for a long time (the reason my scarf is sitting unfinished in the yarn box, along with the knitted blanket I started a few months ago). These get done and look pretty nice and quickly.

I took one to do on the bus to pick up my daughter from school today. I am aware I must have looked a bit odd, baby strapped to me in her wrap and fiddling yarn in my hands, but it passed the time nicely, so I think I will continue to make squares on the bus from now on.


13 thoughts on “Crochet Squares”

  1. I really need to learn to do this..I love crafts!! You did an awesome job too. I think I will work harder to do more crafts, I've been inspired!! I would also love to get a sewing machine and make my girl's dresses!! ust do this!! Hope you have a wonderful day darling!! xx

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