Keeping Positive

It’s time for another grooving post! I had wanted to do this a lot sooner, but I’ve had a bit of a bad week and not got to it. I was feeling pretty rough and didn’t want to put the negativity down in my blog as this is about finding and celebrating positivity. Now I’m feeling a lot more cheerful and with-it, here goes!

In my first post I listed four things I wanted to work on.

1. Be more sociable. I’ve completely failed on this one. If anything, I’ve been a bit less sociable than usual. In my defence I had a cold for the first half of the week and felt really pants, but I have no excuse for not going to the breastfeeding group I meant to go to this afternoon. I just chickened out.

2. Achieve more. I printed off this sheet and have decided that rather than writing myself long lists of the things I should be doing, I’ll pick the five most important tasks for that day and do them ALL. So far… I haven’t done them all. Can I use my cold as an excuse again? No? Well, I will do better this week!

3. Get back to study. I’m proud of myself on this one. Today I signed up for another module with the Open University. It’s a social science module and I’m really excited. Now I have to wait for my registration forms to come through the post so I can send them back.

4. Read and write. I’m going to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I did it for the first time in 2008 and got the first draft of a novel out of it. 2009 I only got halfway through, and last year I didn’t want to participate. This year I’m going to be back and my novel WILL BE AWESOME. I just need to think of what to write… OH is being a great source of inspiration and help at the moment. He is the reason I managed to win in ’08 (because he wouldn’t let me give up) so I’m going to cling to him for support this time around as well. Fingers crossed.

Other positive things from this week include getting my daughter to school on time, being able to get closer to and enjoy my children in a way that I just couldn’t when I was pregnant, finding a more comfortable front carry to do with my wrap and picking up the technique pretty quickly, and putting Turtle in her first back carry so I could sort the washing.

And now for Kate’s questions!

1. Breakfast Time – Do you rush breakfast? Do you eat things because the family do even though you might prefer something else? Do you skip breakfast altogether?

I’m terrible at breakfast. While I was pregnant I made an effort to eat each morning, but since then that’s sort of gone out of the window, especially now that I have the school run to do in the morning again. It’s a case of drag myself out of bed and into the shower, shove on some clothes, and make toast for my daughter, Frog, to eat on the way to the bus stop. I’m simply too tired to do anything else. Often if I do get hungry, I’ll just scoff a bit of chocolate here and there through the morning until lunch. Pretty hideous eating habits I have.  This week I aim to change that.

2. Spin Doctor – Women are great at putting themselves down. This week, I want you to pretend you are your own spin doctor or public relations expert. Include in your blog post a word, a sentence, a paragraph or a whole post about what is just fabulous about you.

Okay, good things about me. I am intelligent and quick to learn. I am caring and kind. I am empathetic, and I can admit when I’m wrong (most of the time :D). It’s harder than I expected to list things without saying ‘but’ and switching to negatives, but it’s a good thing to do. I feel more confident about myself having done that little exercise. I think we should all think more often about the things that are great about ourselves.

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13 thoughts on “Keeping Positive”

  1. I think this is wonderful progress on any week never mind a less than ideal one. I love your spin doctor bit and the bravery in doing it when most of us #groovingmums left it alone. Make sure you have a very special breakfast one day or brunch if breaky is too difficult for you. You are a very inspiring lady whether you know it or not. Thanks for linking up – really appreciate it and look forward to getting to know you better in coming weeks

    1. Thanks for this comment, it’s just lovely and made me smile! :D I have just done a breakfast of brioche and hot drinks (coffee for OH and I, warm milk for the children) and eaten it together as a family which makes a lovely change from rushing out the door brandishing hastily-buttered toast in the children’s faces. Going to go and read the other #groovingmums posts now :)

  2. Love your post – especially the NaNo thing, you are the third person I’ve heard of to do this and a fortnight ago I’d never heard of it. Now it’s everywhere. Good luck. Good luck with the OU thing too, I did a degree in social sciences with them too. Looking forward to your updates.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)
      NaNo is great, I have been trying to get as many people as possible to give it a try ever since I found out about it. It’s pretty stressful if you’re as disorganised as I am, but it’s such great fun, and when I won I was so excited. It gave such a wonderful sense of achievement as I had never thought I could finish a novel before.
      Did you enjoy your study with the OU?

  3. It sounds like you’ve done lots of positive thinking this week. I think your list of things to focus on sounds great. I think even just making the list/ identifying the steps is often enough impetus to get one going, even if we don’t get to ticking it all off!
    Well done for signing up to NaNo again. And for winning the first time, that is AMAZING! You obviously have a talent so you should definitely nurture it. I have only heard about it myself in the last month. In the past I’ve got as far as the first chapter of a book, and I did think about doing NaNo this year, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the time, or if I’m good enough. (Also one thing I wondered is what’s to stop people going online and stealing your book? Apart from lack of morals?)

    PS: Love the pic of you with the little one in the carrier!

    1. Thank you!
      I think it’s definitely worth giving NaNo your best shot! The worst that can happen is that you realise it’s not possible right now and you can leave it and try again another time :) And don’t worry about being good enough, everybody’s first draft has mistakes in it lol – I know mine was full of them – you can edit out any mistakes after. Nobody can steal your book as you don’t post anything up publicly, unless you choose to put up an excerpt on your profile. You put your book in to get it word counted at the end, but that’s done with an automated thing that deletes the stuff again as soon as it’s given you the word count :)

  4. I hope you managed to get a good breakfast this week… You’ve done lots and you were ill too – go you! I hope you are feeling better now. I’m glad you did the PR bit about you too… I thought I was the only one :-)

  5. Wow that writing the book thing in such a short space of time is an amazing challenge and to win as well Good luck this time round as well. You have done masses this week as well depsite your cold x

    1. It is a huge challenge, particularly fitting it around family life, but there is such a great community around it and it’s so much fun as well! I’ll be writing a post on it this week :)

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