Harvest Festival

So yesterday was Harvest Festival for my eldest, Frog. We took her to school and then walked to the local church where they were holding it. Soon enough, along came the children and we went into the church. After a brief kerfuffle trying to put out extra seats, the festival began with a small child shouting ‘Welcome to our harvest festival!’ It took me back to my own childhood, where classes would take turns to present an assembly on a Friday morning. We would practice for weeks before hand, projecting our voices to the back of the hall and making sure we knew our lines and songs just so. Frog had been practising her songs, warbling about combine harvesters, and she wasn’t the only one, judging by the amount of little brothers and sisters joining in as the school children sang. They sang beautifully and I was so proud of Frog. She looked so nervous at times but she sang along and seemed really happy that we’d come to see what she was doing. She was so excited that she forgot to sit down when her class song finished as she was too busy waving at us. Bird kept shouting ‘hello!’ too, but there were lots of other little ones there and nobody seemed bothered by a little noise. All in all it was a lovely assembly and everybody seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I couldn’t help but feel quite offended though, when the vicar gave his speech. It was about growing as people and nurturing our children, which is lovely, but I wasn’t happy with the way he said it. He said things about people thinking ‘it’s time to go to church, but I need to do the shopping instead’ or ‘it’s time to pray with my children, but Eastenders is on’ and as a result the children not being nurtured. So is he suggesting that I don’t care about my children, that I don’t spend time with them, educating them, nurturing them and showing them love, just because I choose not to raise them in a faith? I understand if that’s how he feels, that we were in his place of worship and that he probably doesn’t speak for most people, but I would never think to suggest that a person wasn’t doing right by their children because of their religious views (whether they follow a faith or not). I wasn’t very pleased with it being insinuated that people that do not raise their children Christian are lazy and uncaring. Am I wrong to be a bit upset by this?

I don’t mean any offence to anybody with this post, it’s just that I’m a bit sad at somebody thinking badly of myself and my parenting.


2 thoughts on “Harvest Festival”

  1. You are not alone my love! I was raised Catholic but am now an Atheist. Neither of my children have been baptised. I don’t believe in making children follow religion when they know no different. If they choose religion when they get older, that’s their choice. I happen to believe that you do not need to be religious to know how to be a good person or to be able to raise your children as responsible members of society. I would have been offended by those comments as well. You can nurture a child without religion, thank you very much!

    1. I’m glad that you don’t think I’m over-reacting. I take the same stance as you, that if my children choose religion as they get older, I will support that, but I don’t wish to raise them telling them that one faith is right – it might not be right for them :) I feel lucky that my OH also agrees on the matter too.

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