Bad For The Bank, Good For The Soul

I’m late again with this week’s post for Kate’s Grooving Mums blog-hop. Next week, I will try to be on time! Or at least only a day or so late. I have this terrible habit though, of thinking ‘ooh, I must do X/Y/Z’ and then finding that time has completely slipped away. I need to work on my time management skills – or whatever they call it – I suppose.

I’ve had a pretty pants week in terms of my targets. I’ve not got much I intended to done. I still have emails to send and writing to do (although I hope Kate’s new writing bloghop will help get me into gear with that). My house is still a mess and I haven’t really been sociable at all (although I did have a chat with one of the mums from school about her daughter’s party without feeling like a nervous wreck, so that’s quite good for me!).

What I did do:

Spent an obscene amount of money. But I do have a lot of (necessary) baby clothes for my youngest, two new pairs of (desperately needed!) shoes for me and a (not so necessary) new wrap to show for it.

Here are my sneakers, the ones I have been wearing every day since my sandals died a crumbly death and my canvas pumps fell apart. As you can see, they are not really wearable any more. I went out every day hoping it wouldn’t rain.

And here are my lovely replacement sneakers, in all their fabulously colourful glory. My last pair of converse sneakers lasted me about eight years, so here’s hoping this pair will serve me just as well.

Also, my new boots! I have a bit of an obsession with boots. I absolutely love them, and I feel sad in summer when it is too warm to wear them. Boot season is back, and today I went out feeling fab in these!

And here’s the wrap. ‘Violetta’ by La Poche A Kangourou. I don’t think photos can do its beauty justice.

Felt closer to OH. My OH reads my blog, and he said to me this week that he feels sad that I can talk so honestly to the internet but don’t come and talk about my feelings with him. So I explained that it isn’t that I don’t want to talk to him, just that I find it a hell of a lot easier to write things down than to speak it out loud to somebody who’s right there in front of me. This week I’ve been trying to make an effort to be honest about my feelings and to talk to him, and to show him affection rather than pushing him away when I feel down. It was harder than writing it down, but it totally paid off. I feel closer to him, and I’ve felt so much better mentally this week. This week I could, when I was feeling down for no reason, acknowledge that it was just a feeling and that it didn’t mean that I was so crazy or incapable of doing things as I usually think I am.

Been a better mum. A long, long way away from perfect, but I have tried to be less stressed out and make a special effort to show them my love for them. It didn’t work 100%. There were still times where I wanted to rip my hair from my head and jump out the window. But we’ve had a better week, I think. I probably wouldn’t have said that yesterday when we were attempting to have a nice meal out with my five-year-old who was not satisfied with anything at all and complained rather loudly about the perfectly competent, if a little overworked, waitress. But again, I’m managing to ignore the bad bits and focus on the good right now, which makes me feel great.

So although I didn’t really do much that I set out to do, I’m feeling good. I feel like I’ve had quite a positive week all in all, in terms of enjoyment and progress.

And for Kate’s challenges this week, tonight or tomorrow I will start reading a new book. I’m going to let my OH choose whatever he thinks I should try, and I’m going to finish it!

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10 thoughts on “Bad For The Bank, Good For The Soul”

  1. Lovin the purchases!!! I find it easier writing my feelings down, although I don’t tend to write about my OH. I get very stressed out with the kids as well, especially during holidays. I think it’s normal. Kids are demanding x

    1. I have just bought a load of colouring stuff and bits to keep them occupied and trying to think of other ways to keep stress levels low this week. Went to soft play yesterday, but honestly I really hated it and it was very expensive.

  2. Where do I start? Thanks for linking up and you are not late as you can post anytime in the week, it is just me who is an impatient soul waiting to hear your news. I have a boot thing going on too. Tried some high ones on the other day but weight loss is not good enough yet to mean I could get the zip up (boo, hoo!). Love the colourful wrap and the sneaker things. You could always write notes and letters to your OH, it might be quite romantic you know. I think all OH feel that way about blogs so it all needs managing carefully. Aim to be a “good enough” mum, not a perfect one as none of us are. It is such a tough and relentless job. Lovely but challenging. If I asked my OH to suggest a book, he would probably give me a Clive Cussler (yuck!). Loving getting to know you better and having you as one of the #groovingmums

    1. You know, that’s a lovely idea. I think I will get some cute note paper and leave notes for him whenever I am finding it hard to say things aloud. Thank you for that.

  3. A new pair of shoes can make all the difference!

    I love converse – my last pair lasted 11 years and I was gutted when they gave up on me!

    The writing thing is can be funny – it is easy to let loose on the keyboard. It’s great that you’re making a conscious effort to talk more openly to your other half – I think alot of the time we think we do, and then don’t realise when we don’t!

    1. They are fab shoes. I want to get some for OH too, although he tends to wear his shoes out fast because he has funny feet ♥

      I think with writing, you just let go and hammer the keys. Talking to a person, especially one you care about, you’re thinking about what they’ll think of you, or whether what you say might worry or upset them. It’s harder. When I think about it though, I always tell my OH off for not talking to me if he has a problem. I should practice what I preach, yes?

  4. I’m the same with hubby – he gets annoyed that I don’t tell him how I’m feeling. I tend to keep things bottled up… Loving the new shoes. Looking forward to your update this week :-)

  5. Didn’t see this post until now! (I think I need to get twittered up…) Anyway, just wanted to say, I love your Converse boots. They are super, super, super! The wrap is great too. I love the fact that they are both so colourful. Wearing colourful things always makes me feel happier than if I wear dull monotone colours.

    1. Twitter is fab. I love it especially for knowing when people who’re on different blogging platforms have posted something new.

      Thank you! I love colourful things. Bright colours and patterns are definitely my thing, and wearing them makes me feel fab. :D

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