Would You Have Breastmilk Tea?

Today I thought to myself ‘I really fancy a nice cup of tea’, so off I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. I poured the tea and went to the fridge, only to find that we had run out of milk. I was quite disappointed, until I thought that actually, I have milk of my own. So I expressed some breast milk into my tea. It was a lovely cup of tea – you wouldn’t tell it wasn’t made with cow milk.

Quite often though, I have read or heard people discussing this and saying that they wouldn’t drink breast milk, that it would be weird, etc. I personally think it’s a bit funny that we find it weird to drink our own human milk but not to pinch some milk from a cow/goat/whatever.

So I was wondering what you think.

Have you ever had breast milk? Would you?

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14 thoughts on “Would You Have Breastmilk Tea?”

  1. I have often wondered whether to do this!

    I do think it’s funny that we give our children other mammals’ milk, but baulk at the thought of drinking our own.

    I have tasted mine – it’s a bit sweet for my taste (for tea that is).

    I have heard that in Mongolia, a breastfeeding mum will leave any spare expressed milk in the fridge for her family to drink, as it’s seen as so healthy.

    Why not, I say! I think we’re very squeamish about such things!

    Try telling that to mr mammasaver though…

  2. I never found myselfin a position where I was out of other milk while I was breastfeeding (my daughter decided she’d had enough a couple of months ago now), but I did try my milk once when there was some left over after an expressed feed. It was a bit sickly sweet for me, but I completely agree with the principle that we shouldn’t shy away from it as though it’s dirty.

    1. To me it tastes similar to rice milk which I enjoy :) I did put one less sugar in to compensate for the milk’s sweetness. My older daughters tried some milk too and liked it so perhaps I will express more often for them. :)

  3. I am a breastfeeding peer supporter and as such an active breastfeeding supporter. I agree with you in principle – it is odd that we’d drink various other mammals’ milk, but not our own. …and yet I still find myself squirming a little at the idea…as I did when I was breastfeeding myself. I know that I am a walking contradiction, but wouldn’t make tea with my own milk.

    May be my squeamishness is why there’s a box of camel milk chocolates from Dubai in the fridge which have gone unopened for weeks. (True story!)

    1. Camel milk! That does put me off a bit. I’m quite afraid of camels.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what sort of things do you do as a breastfeeding peer supporter?

  4. While I was breastfeeding my Little Man, both Mr Posh and I tasted my breast milk out of sheer curiosity, neither of us were overly impressed to be honest, hence we never tried it again. However I guess if we were desperate enough for a cup of tea and breast milk was the only choice, I would quite possibly give a go, after all you have nothing to lose by trying eh?

  5. My initial response to this was – creepy, yuck, wouldn’t (and also – wow, how interesting, I’ve never thought of that). When I think about it though, I don’t entirely know why this was my response. Certainly I would rather have tea than worry about milk origins.

  6. Not sure is the honest answer. Remember it tasted really sweet though on the odd occasion it spilled and I licked my fingers! Amazing they ever take to cow’s milk really…LOL

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