The Grooving Mums Journey So Far

Well, I’m really late this week for Kate’s #groovingmums. Once again I kept meaning to do it, but something would keep coming up, such is life.  I’m glad I ended up waiting though, because now I have some really nice positive stuff to talk about.

This week I have done really well on the hardest target I set myself: be more sociable!

On Saturday I went to a meet-up with some of the Kent NaNoWriMo people. OH came too for support as I was so nervous, but I had a lovely time, met some really wonderful people and got some pointers on my novel-writing to boot. It was a really good afternoon, and now I’m feeling really excited about starting my novel tomorrow. I’ll be going to more meet-ups too, I hope!

This afternoon, I went to parent and baby yoga class. It was free at our local children’s centre and I’m really glad I signed up. Baby Turtle absolutely loved it, and enjoyed staring at the other babies in the room. It was a lovely way to bond with her, it gave me an excuse to try out my new mei tai carrier, and I spoke to a couple of other women there as well (rather that sitting silently in the corner! Go Curly Mum!) so I’m really pleased with myself. I have three more weeks of the course to go and I’m really looking forward to going back next week.

This socialising lark isn’t as scary as I thought it would be, and I’m really proud of myself because a few weeks ago I would have just said no to these opportunities.

Kate has asked us this week to reflect a bit on our #groovingmums journeys, to think about where we were and where we are now, and how things have changed as a result of getting involved with the blog-hop.

For me, it’s definitely been a huge help! I knew, and had known for a long time, that there were things in my life and about myself that I really wanted to change, but it’s hard to find the drive to think about what I can actually do and then make myself do it alone. When I see other women all trying to make changes (even if they are a lot different to mine) it’s so inspiring and it feels like I can really do it if I put my mind to it as well. Also, if I don’t do anything, I will have to do an internet walk of shame and admit that I haven’t. So that drives me too!

So as a result of the #groovingmums blog-hop I have:

  • Managed to get out there and be more sociable, both online (not-so-hard) and in person (terrifying for me!).
  • Come a long way with my outlook, now managing to focus on the positives and ignore negatives a lot more. I still have a way to go with that but I’m already feeling so much better.
  • Felt generally more confident and happier about myself. I’m feeling a sense of self creeping back!

If you’d like to read other entries or join in with the blog-hop, CLICK HERE and connect with us on Twitter using #groovingmums.


6 thoughts on “The Grooving Mums Journey So Far”

  1. ‘ve spent 9 months relying on twttier friends to get through emigrating, moaning i was lonely, ignoring suggestions of join a gym, do some volunterring, until I was ready and wow I haven’t stopped in the past 4 weeks.

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