New Year, New Curly Mum?

No, there won’t be a new Curly Mum, but perhaps by the end of the year a much improved one, and a happier one. Since tomorrow is the start of the new year, I think it’s time to make some resolutions. I already have some targets for Kate’s Grooving Mums (which I have forgotten all about over the busy Christmas period but will get back to when I can), but I’d like to make some for the new year. I like the idea of a ‘fresh start’, I suppose. It shows, because I’m always in desperate need of a brand new notebook, and I am always starting a new neighbourhood in The Sims 3 or a brand new game of Theme Hospital or whatever. I just like starting things.

I’ve resisted the temptation to have numerous strict resolutions because I know that will set me up for failure, so I’m going for some ambitious but doable writing targets and some simple personal ones. And if I fall behind on them, I will not give up. I will keep going and do the best I can.

  • I will complete the writing resolutions I have just written about on my writing blog. My novels really need to be wrapped up, especially as I have every intention of starting on a new one in November.
  • I will continue blogging and improving myself and my life with the grooving mums. It makes me feel a lot better, and I hope that if somebody stumbles upon my blog perhaps they might find something they relate to or find useful.
  • I will be honest with myself about how I am doing and about my mental health by keeping a diary of how I am feeling and what I have done during the day, so that I can look back and actually know what’s been going on, rather than guessing that everything’s been totally fine/absolutely dreadful.

So there you have it, my resolutions for this year. I hope that having written them down will help me remember them and encourage me to come back to them and keep trying to do the best I can.

Wishing everybody a happy new year and the best of luck with any resolutions you make!


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Curly Mum?”

  1. I especially think the journal is a wonderful idea. I think in the heat of the moment It’s very hard to take a step back and assess the situation or take a look at the big picture. Writing down how you feel will be a good way to take a snapshot of your emotions so you take a measured look at them when you’ve cooled down.

    I wish you the absolute best of luck and hope 2012 will be a great year. ^_^

  2. Hi Curly Mum
    Good on you for writing down your resolutions and sticking to near-achievable ones. I have made one resolution this year – to be a more tolerant mother. So far it’s not going particularly well!
    I also see you have been nominated for the Kreative Blogger awards. Well done and good luck finishing the novel.

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