Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 6

  1. In less than two weeks, we will be fully moved into our new house. No more worrying about stairs, lack of space or bothering the neighbours. It’s also given me an idea for a blog-hop I’d like to host.
  2. I went to parents’ evening and Frog’s teacher spent the time mostly saying how bright, hard-working and attentive Frog is. I’m so proud of her.
  3. I have bought some new duvets and bedcovers and they are gorgeous. I love new bedding! Looking forward to snuggling down in our new home!
  4. My last reason, with the risk of sounding really soppy, is my other half. He is passionate, sensitive, helpful and handsome. He is always there to support me, even when I’m being an idiot, and I feel very lucky to have him.
To link in with New Bloggers Fortnight over at Mummy From The Heart, this week I would like to share with you a blog I have enjoyed reading recently. Sarah at blogs about her experiences as she tries out cloth nappies, and can also be found on Twitter @FluffyDumplings.
Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 6”

  1. All great reasons. May you continue to be blessed. We recently moved home and we’re totally surrounded by boxes! I’ll probably still be on unpacking as your moving. All the best with the transition.

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