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Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 12

  1. The sun is shining today. We went out to town to grab a few things we needed and had snacks from the bakery.
  2. While we were out, I wrapped Baby Turtle onto my back and people looking seemed impressed/approving which made me feel proud.
  3. I got a call this afternoon offering Bird a place at nursery in the afternoons starting after Easter. We thought she’d have to wait until September. I just know she’ll love it!
  4. The fabric I ordered online arrived this week, and I’m going to make Frog a mei tai carrier for her baby doll.
  5. Curly Dad has been spoiling me with affection and little gifts which has made me feel very special.

Hope you have a lovely week too!


My First Sewing Project

My trip to the local fabric shop was a success! I used my birthday spending money to buy some dressmakers’ scissors, some thread, some cute headed pins, and some cheap fabric. I think it was probably a bit more expensive than buying online, but for me it’s worth it for the helpful, friendly service I received. The lady in the shop made sure I had everything I needed to get started off, helpfully directing me to the scraps baskets where I could find very cheap bits of fabric perfect for practicing on. The shop, which is in Medway, is called Just Fabrics, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

So after the few tangled practice runs over the weekend, I sat down Monday night ready to begin my first ever sewing project. With my scraps of fabric and a bit of sturdy plastic bag for sound effects, I made a taggie blanket toy for Baby Turtle.

I made a few mistakes along the way, managing to sew the tags into the inside of the blanket and having to unpick a line of stitches, but in the end I got there and I’m very proud of what I managed to do. I remember as a child having a go on my grandmother’s sewing machine and not managing to keep the stitches straight at all, so I was really pleased that I only had a few wobbles.

I’m feeling really excited about making something else already. My next project is a miniature taggie for K’s baby doll which I’ll be making tonight. After that I’d really like to try making some bandana bibs as Baby Turtle is a dribbler and I love the look of them but not the price!

Snotty Baby L enjoying her taggie

I’m still on the look out for good sewing books, websites, blogs or videos, so please do tell me if you know of any!

Happy Birthday, Curly Mum!

Today is my birthday. I am twenty-two years old. When I was younger, as a child and young teen, this is not how I imagined myself at twenty-two. I didn’t think I would be lucky enough to have met a wonderful man who would propose to me, and who would father three beautiful daughters for me to carry and raise. I didn’t think I would be packing up ready to move into a lovely new house, and planning how to make the garden nice for the children, and whether we could try growing some of our own vegetables. We don’t have very much money, but I feel like I am living the dreams of the younger me. I have what was and is most important to me. I am so very grateful for these things.

I also didn’t expect that I would be struggling with my mental health, and finding myself frustrated that I can’t always appreciate the things I listed above. I am feeling thankful though that I realise that I’m ill, and that I’m determined to get the help I need. When we do move to our new house, I’ve found that we will be able to change to a new GP, a surgery with one doctor that specialises in mental health issues, so I’m hopeful that I will be taken seriously by my new doctor. I’ve also found that on the NHS website, where you can leave comments and reviews about a surgery, that my current surgery has a lot of people saying that they haven’t been taken seriously. This is very reassuring as I now know I wasn’t just being over-sensitive about my visits there.

Janome PS1030 from John Lewis

On a less serious note, my partner has bought me the sewing machine that I wanted for my birthday! I’m utterly thrilled with it! So far I have managed to thread it all, and sew along two edges of an old tea towel, getting tangled up about four times in the process. It is great fun! I’m really loving getting to know my new machine, which I have decided to name Sigrun. I don’t know why I feel that my machine should have a name, but there you go. Now I am on the lookout for any good books or resources for absolute beginners, and any really easy projects I can have a go at. I’m also looking for really cheap fabric to practice on, so I’ll be having a look at my local fabric shop tomorrow, but I’d love to hear of any websites that sell cheap, easy-to-sew fabrics that I can learn with.

From other people, I have been given a provisional driving license, a huge box of chocolates, a massive bag of funky craft buttons and some spending money. My partner is currently in the kitchen cooking a nice meal for me, and then we are going to curl up on the sofa and watch some of our favourite TV shows. I’m feeling very lucky right now!