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Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 25

I’m a bit out of practise, but here goes!

  1. I woke up from an accidental nap and found myself snuggled in my bed between Bird and Baby Turtle (Frog was at school), and felt so very blessed.
  2. Today, with some encouragement from Curly Dad, Frog and I tidied and cleaned the children’s bedrooms. They were looking a state, so that’s a load off my mind, and I’m proud that I got going and did something productive.
  3. I’m looking forward to reading lots of posts about Britmums Live!, and hopefully picking up some blogging tips from those who went!

Have a fabulous week!


Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 13

  1. My doctor’s appointment is at the weekend, so hopefully I’ll finally be able to get some help and start coping a bit better.
  2. The sun has been shining a lot this week, and it’s made me feel a lot more positive on the whole. It feels brilliant to be able to go out without my big coat on! I’m definitely a summer person.
  3. I’ve set up my computer in the loft room which is to become my hobby hideout. There’s no desk up there yet, but it’s a start. I’m going to do some sketches of what I’d like the room to look like eventually, but for now, just having my computer set up so I can write is wonderful.
  4. It is Frog’s birthday next week and I just know she’s going to love her cakes and present!
  5. Curly Dad’s sister, who I consider as my own sister too, might be coming to stay with us for a day or two over the next couple of weeks while she’s on Easter break. Because she lives so far away, we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like, so I really cherish the time we do get to spend together!
  6. Tomorrow, a tumble dryer will be arriving at the Curly House! Perhaps I’m silly for getting so excited about this, but I’ve wanted one for ages and it’s going to make doing the laundry much easier.

I’ve had a good week – I hope you do too!

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 12

  1. The sun is shining today. We went out to town to grab a few things we needed and had snacks from the bakery.
  2. While we were out, I wrapped Baby Turtle onto my back and people looking seemed impressed/approving which made me feel proud.
  3. I got a call this afternoon offering Bird a place at nursery in the afternoons starting after Easter. We thought she’d have to wait until September. I just know she’ll love it!
  4. The fabric I ordered online arrived this week, and I’m going to make Frog a mei tai carrier for her baby doll.
  5. Curly Dad has been spoiling me with affection and little gifts which has made me feel very special.

Hope you have a lovely week too!

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 11

  1. Yesterday I had a soak in the bath with some gorgeous-smelling bubbles which was very relaxing. It felt extra good because the bubbles were on special offer so saved some pennies there too!
  2. Baby Turtle has settled down a lot more and no longer objects to sleeping in her cot.
  3. Today I made biscuits. The last time I made biscuits was many years ago and they were a disaster. I am proud to say that today’s batch was not at all disastrous and Little Bird enjoyed helping out. Pictures to follow!

Have a fabulous week!

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 8

I’ve missed a couple of weeks of this due to moving house and having very little access to the internet, but I’m back again now with reasons to be cheerful!

  1. We’ve settled into our new home and it now takes me 15 minutes to take Frog to school and get back, rather than 1 hour, saving me about 90 precious minutes of my day.
  2. My favourite baby product, CJ’s BUTTer Creamy Lotion, is on special offer at the moment.
  3. Yesterday we reconnected with some old and very good friends and it was great to spend time with them again.
  4. I won a nappy in a Facebook competition. It arrived this morning and was coincidentally in my favourite colour.
  5. Tomorrow we’ll be off to Ikea to buy Baby Turtle a proper cot now that we have more space, and I’m looking forward to setting it all up nicely for her.

Have a fabulous week!

Hooray For Boobies! (A Breastfeeding Meme)

1. Why did you choose boob over bottle?

I don’t really feel like it was a decision. I just wanted to breast feed, despite most of my family (myself included) being bottle fed. The only reason I switched to bottles after a while with my first two is because I had concerns about their health, and I wish that I could have had more faith in my body and managed to nurse for longer. This time around I am really glad to still be nursing and wouldn’t have it any other way. I think if I had known before what I know now, I would have continued with breast feeding and not needed to use formula.

2. How long did you breastfeed or are you planning to breastfeed?

With my first two, I only managed a couple of months each. This time we are at 7.5 months and I have no intention of stopping until Baby Turtle decides she no longer wants to feed from me. Personally, I hope this is not for a long time as I love feeding her!

3. What is the best thing about breastfeeding?

The intimacy of holding her close to me, and having her drink the milk that my body has provided for her. Also now that she’s older, the way her face lights up a bit when she sees my breast.

4. Did you have to overcome challenges on your breastfeeding journey?

We have been really lucky. The worst I’ve had to deal with is sore nipples in the early weeks and around four months when she had a growth spurt. The soreness cleared up quite easily with some Mother’s Balm from Neal’s Yard Remedies that I was bought as a new-mum gift.

5. Who supported you the most with breastfeeding?

My partner has been great, and also a lot of women I’ve spoken to on parenting forums. I think it’s hard for some of my family to be as supportive though, just because they have no experience of breast feeding and don’t really ‘get’ it.

6. How did you feel when you first breastfed in public?

With my first I didn’t breast feed in public at all! I expressed milk and took a bottle out with me. By the second time I wasn’t embarrassed any more and now I feed wherever I am. I am proud of my feeding, and while I do it discreetly, I won’t shy away from giving Baby Turtle milk when she wants it. I’m lucky to have never had any negative reactions. Most of the time people don’t even notice she is feeding, even when they come up to coo and stroke her hair!

7. Have you been questioned for breastfeeding?

Not really. My family don’t really understand it. They seemed to think I was a little mad for having no routine and not knowing when she’d next want a feed. They accept that it works for us though. I expect that I might get questions as Baby Turtle gets bigger and if she chooses to feed later into toddlerhood or pre-school age. I’m not particularly worried about it though. I love nursing and will just answer questions honestly.

8. Has breastfeeding made you feel different about your body?

Yes, it has made me appreciate my body a lot more. I feel a real sense of pride in that my body is providing for Baby Turtle as she grows (and for Frog and Bird sometimes if I express milk!) and in the closeness we share when she feeds. It has also made me think a lot more about how I look after myself. I think much more about what I eat and drink because in essence it is also what Baby Turtle eats, so it’s making me more healthy in my effort to keep her healthy.

9. What do you wish you had known before making the decision to breastfeed your baby?

I wish that when I was feeding my first two I had known to have faith in my body’s ability to produce enough milk for them. I wish that I had known that even if my supply was lowered, it could be replenished if I persevered using formula just to top-up when necessary rather than switching completely.

I am tagging

Any boobie mum that would like to give this a go!

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Week 6

  1. In less than two weeks, we will be fully moved into our new house. No more worrying about stairs, lack of space or bothering the neighbours. It’s also given me an idea for a blog-hop I’d like to host.
  2. I went to parents’ evening and Frog’s teacher spent the time mostly saying how bright, hard-working and attentive Frog is. I’m so proud of her.
  3. I have bought some new duvets and bedcovers and they are gorgeous. I love new bedding! Looking forward to snuggling down in our new home!
  4. My last reason, with the risk of sounding really soppy, is my other half. He is passionate, sensitive, helpful and handsome. He is always there to support me, even when I’m being an idiot, and I feel very lucky to have him.
To link in with New Bloggers Fortnight over at Mummy From The Heart, this week I would like to share with you a blog I have enjoyed reading recently. Sarah at FluffyDumplings.co.uk blogs about her experiences as she tries out cloth nappies, and can also be found on Twitter @FluffyDumplings.
Have a great week!